Students borrowing from the Premier's Reading Challenge shelves.     

The library is the hub of our school where students enter into a world of learning and enjoyment. All students are encouraged to use the library for reading, research and relaxation. Parents are also encouraged to borrow books as well as help as volunteers.

CCPS promotes reading in as many ways as possible. We have been involved in the Premier's Reading Challenge since its inception and it is embedded into the school's literacy programme. Reading and the love of literature are also promoted in our school when we celebrate Book Week.  At this time we invite an author or illustrator to talk to the students, display students' work relating to the Children's Book Council's Children's Book of the Year Awards . Twice yearly we hold very successful book fairs from which we earn a percentage of the sales and are donated a large number of books.


Library Programme

Each class visits the library once a week for their library lesson.

Students can also access the library before school  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and during the second half of lunch between Monday and Friday.

During their lessons students return and borrow books and develop literature skills through author and theme studies.

Information skills are also taught, which enable the students to locate resources, selecting the most appropriate, and then organising and presenting the information in the most meaningful way. This is achieved through the co-operative planning of the classroom teacher and the Teacher Librarian.