Should I Try Tournament?

Tournament of Minds requires a certain skill set. The challenges are complex and open-ended, needing continuous engagement over the six week period to complete successfully.

Some of the skills required for Tournament include:

  • Teamwork and cooperation. Students work in a team of seven, with a mix of year groups and genders. Being able to get along and communicate in a team is essential.
  • Knowing your strengths. Every student brings something different to a Tournament team. Script writing, performance skills, costume and prop design, technology use, designing and making are required in almost every challenge, and no one team member can do it all.
  • Dedication. The seven team members cannot be changed after the Tournament period begins in term three. Each team member must be committed to every workshop session, and be able to attend the Regional Finals (as well as the State Finals if we make it that far!)
  • Creativity. The challenges involve out-of-the-box thinking and need thinkers who can come up with interesting, creative solutions.
  • Independence. Solving the Tournament challenge is entirely up to the team. Nobody else can assist: not friends nor family or teachers. Even registering on the day of the finals must be done by the team alone, without adult help. This is an opportunity to learn and demonstrate leadership and independence.
If the kinds of challenges mentioned on the main Tournament page interest you, and you have the skills listed above, then Tournament of Minds could be something to consider.