Last updated 11:17 PM on 5 November 2017

Young Scientist award winners 2017

CCPS students have enjoyed their biggest success in the Young Scientist Awards competition which is a major project of the Science Teachers Association of NSW.  At a lovely ceremony held at University of Wollongong on Wednesday, November 1st, eight


talented students were rewarded for their investigative skills in science. 

Nick Hubbard, Gus Opie, Rohan Rainier, Mia Harrison (all Year 6 students) and Emma Wood (Year 4) won equal 1st prizes in the 3-6 Scientific Investigation division.  Only 12 of these prizes are awarded overall in the competition.

Hannah McCutcheon (Year 5) was awarded an equal 1st prize in the Working Mathematically division.  To win one of these 6 prizes, her scientific investigation had to demonstrate an understanding and application of mathematical knowledge in the analysis of her data.

Jake Fisher (Year 5) was awarded one of three Most Promising Awards for students who show particular promise and are encouraged to pursue further development.

Eloise Boys (Year 6) won the Young Marine Scientist award sponsored by Splash Into - a marine education organisation.

Nick Hubbard also won the NMI Measurement award from the National Measurement Institute and the RACI Chemistry Encouragement Award from the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute.

And finally................Nick was also awarded the Grand Prize at the end of the evening, winning the title of Primary Young Scientist for 2017.  His investigation into whether fabric softener makes sleepwear more flammable was judged to be the best overall 3-6 project!!!

The students' projects covered a wide range of areas: the flammability of sleepwear, the biodegradability of plastic bags, the effect of distractions on reaction times, whether pre-heating a lunch thermos was effective and the use of habitat on a rocky shore by sea birds.

CCPS students took home a total of 11 awards on the night out of a potential 23 awards for students in years 3-6.  By any standards this is an outstanding achievement and we are incredibly proud of these students.