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Last updated 11:12 AM on 12 November 2017

                                      Willoughby Council

Each year our Year 5 students enter the local schools' wildlife writing competition organised by Willoughby Council. The competition allows students to gain more knowledge about their local environment and the local wildlife that lives here. This year, Castle Cove students were asked to submit a short story and illustration about the White-Bellied Sea Eagle.  Every school that participates has two short stories and a feature artwork published in a compilation book, which is part of a collection of story books held in all local and school libraries.  This year, students Grace Clayton and Bea Farley were awarded prizes for their story and poem while Jake Fisher and Alexandra Dikranian were awarded prizes for their artwork. Here, they are pictured with Willoughby Mayor, Gail Giles-Gidney, at the book launch and awards ceremony.