Schooling costs

There are some costs associated with going to school that you may find it helpful to plan and budget for such as:

  • uniforms
  • school books and equipment
  • excursions
  • extra-curricular activities.

Voluntary school contribution

At the start of each year we may ask for a voluntary school contribution to enhance our educational and sporting programs.

We try to keep any additional costs to a minimum and may be able to assist families who are having financial difficulty paying schooling costs.



Parents will be invoiced twice per year (once each in Semesters 1 and 2) for school-related costs including excursions, textbooks, and art and craft materials. This account is sent home with students with information about due dates and methods of payment.


Occasionally, children will need to bring small payments to school for activities such as fundraisers and extra curricula activities. On these occasions advice will be sent home as to how money will be collected.


Parents are asked to contribute to the enhanced operation of the school through the payment of voluntary school fees. These are organised and collected by the Parents and Citizens Association and are used to support learning programs by funding resources and equipment and major projects such as the building of a new library.