Local High Schools

Willoughby Girls High School

Mowbray Rd, Willoughby 2068

Phone: 9958 4141

Fax: 9967 2174

School Email: willoughbg-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au

School Website: www.willoughbg-h.schools.nsw.edu.au

Founded in 1934, Willoughby Girls High School is recognised as a leader in girls' education in one of the most competitive schooling areas in Australia. The school enjoys a strong reputation for high standards in scholarship, evident in the vast majority of HSC graduates who progress to university studies. As the only comprehensive public girls school situated on the lower north shore of Sydney, Willoughby GHS provides unique educational opportunities for girls without the expensive fees of private schooling.

Their focus is on:

Achieving individual excellence.

Enhancing an established culture of learning.

Encouraging independent, life -long learners.

Developing good citizens and leaders.

Strong values and an effective support system, responsive to student and parent needs, along with clear discipline policies and a defined uniform code, create a safe, caring and fair school environment.



Chatswood High School

Centennial Ave, Chatswood 2067

Phone 9419 3611

Fax 9415 1342

School Email: chatswood-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au

School Website: www.chatswood-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


Chatswood High School is situated in extensive grounds close to Chatswood Railway Station and bus terminal. CHS is a large, diverse, comprehensive, coeducational high school. This is exemplified by the breadth of the student population. The school's multicultural population prides itself on its harmony and vitality and the welcoming, safe and nurturing environment is remarked upon constantly by visitors to the school. As well as mainstream enrolments, the school is part of the NSW Selective Schools program with two selective entry classes each year. There is a Support Unit for students with mild or moderate learning disabilities and a thriving Intensive English Centre which provides English teaching to newcomers in preparation for their integration into mainstream schools. The school community actively encourages strong student commitment to learning and the achievement of high standards of behaviour marked by self-discipline and consideration for others. We are very committed to helping students become independent learners who have the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges of post school life. This commitment is reflected in our students HSC, SC, ELLA, SNAP and ESSA test results which are at the highest levels. In the 2007 HSC examinations, over a third of our students achieved a UAI in excess of 90 and over 95% have gone onto university or other tertiary education.

In addition to the school's broad academic program students have many enrichment opportunities including a well-supported Duke of Edinburgh scheme, an outstanding extra- curricular music program encompassing three bands, guitar and string ensembles, an annual school musical or drama production, debating and public speaking, chess, boys & girls dance groups, Mock Trial competition, Tournament of the Minds, a sport and cultural exchange arrangement with Suginami Rugby school in Japan. Links are also being established for a sister school relationship with a school in Chengdu, China. All teaching staff receive professional development training in the teaching of gifted and talented students. The school has a strong student welfare emphasis and a student management program based on recognising and encouraging achievement.



Killarney Heights High School

Starkey St, Killarney Heights 2087

Phone 9451 7005

Fax 9975 5052

School Email: killarney-h.School@det.nsw.edu.au

School Website: www.killarney-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


KHHS is a co-educational, comprehensive Year 7-12 high school in a bushland north shore setting 20 minutes from the Sydney CBD. Excellent specialist classrooms, well -resourced library, multi- purpose centre, playing fields, language laboratory, internet room, dance and drama and music studios, fitness centre and comprehensive technology and applied studies facilities enable the school to provide a broad and rich curriculum. KHHS's statement of purpose focuses on a strong commitment to quality learning that drives the school's mission in promoting student ownership of learning as well as achievement of personal bests within a school culture where positive attitudes, values and mutual respect are highly regarded. With a strong tradition of academic excellence, the school is confidently preparing students to meet the social and vocational changes of the 21st century. The school is proud of its excellent academic tradition highlighted by success in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and School Certificate. Years 7 and 8 provide a general transition course. There are also extension classes for students in Year 7-10. Vertical integration and semesterisation allow for wider elective choice in Years 9 and 10. In Years 11 and 12 students are able to pursue vocational options as well as academic courses. 20% of senior students participate in vocational education courses either on-site, at neighbouring schools or TAFE. Additional choice is available to students by off-line timetabling of courses.