HSIE Government projects

As part of our Stage 3 unit on Federal and State Government, students were invited to form political parties.  Using the Bloom's Taxonomy of higher order thinking, groups completed projects to show their understanding of the history of democracy in Australia.  They went on to showcase their party's platform, produced jingles, redesigned Parliament House and conducted a mock election, in which Nic was elected Prime Minister!

This work was reinforced by the Stage 3 three-day Canberra excursion, during which they visited Parliament House, the Parliamentary Education Office at Old Parliament House, the Canberra National Capital Planning Exhibition, the War Memorial and Royal Australian Mint as well as other places, such as Ques tacon and the National Museum of Australia.


                 The Icecre am Party                                                         The Mighty Fish Party

Govt        Govt


       The Awesome Fried Chicken Party                                The Prickly Pineapple Party

Govt         govt


               The Eucalyptus Koala Party                                      Vote me for Prime Minister!

govt         govt

                                                                                       Candidates: Hamish, Sammy, Za c and Nic