'The Race is On' projects

The students' presentations of their race projects have demonstrated their research skills, their understanding of how to inform and entertain an audience and how to collaborate as a part of a team. In addition to thoroughly researching their nominated races, they also produced posters and some PowerPoint presentations, embedded video links, brought in props and dressed in costume.  Wonderful work everyone!


                   The Olympic Marathon                                                           Race              MotoGP



          Downhill Skiing and Bobsledding                                             Sydney to Hobart yacht race

 Race               race                                                              

                  Melbourne Cup horse race                                                               City to Surf

 race            race


                              Red Bull air race                                                       'Channel 9' reporter, Hamish           

  race                 race

Their personal evaluations after the project were also insightful:

                                                 "I like having things perfectly done."

                                            "I felt I did most of the work of my team!"

                              "I need to have more expression and enthusiasm in my voice."

                                    "The speech was not as hard as I thought it would be."

                                                 "My team did not communicate well."

                                 "I would add video on the slideshow to make it better."

                                              "I learnt that I'm good at working in groups."

                                                "I didn't practise the speech enough."

                  "I would add more excitement in the presentation because it was a bit boring."

                                           "I have learnt that I can organise people quite well."

                      "I enjoyed working with people who were hard-working, kind and caring."

                                         "I need to improve my eye contact with the audience."

                                                        "I need to improve my research."

                                                          "I do not like being the leader."

                                                      "I enjoyed dressing up in costume!"