Geography - PBL

Project Based Learning - Our Local Area 


The presentations for our Project Based Learning unit on the local area were fantastic! Each group needed to research their assigned, local area (Killarney Heights, Castle Cove, Roseville, Roseville Chase, Chatswood, Castlecrag, Willoughby or Northbridge) to find out about the human geography (settlement, population, industry, education, transport etc.) and the physical geography (land uses, landscape, climte and landmarks). 

Obviously a lot of time an effort had gone into, not only the presentations, but also the persuasive letters to the "family" trying to convince them to move into that area. Many students should be commended on how they handled the group work - as always, there were some challenges but in the end each group produced some outstanding projects. 


Three groups were chosen to present to the all Stage 4 classes. All three groups who performed on the day were excellent. They had taken feedback on board and were very entertaining as well as informative. 


Some of the groups are featured in photos, performing to the class, below: 
Castle Cove  Castlecrag


Roseville Chase Chatswood

Northbridge Castle CoveKillarney Heights