Geography - Scott's Creek

  The Track

Scott's Creek Excursion 


Our excursion to Scott's Creek was a very interesting experience! We ventured off to explore the local national park of Harold Reid Reserve and Scott's Creek via the North Arm Walking Track. We started from Denawen Avenue and ended up at Explosives Reserve Lookout. The view was exceptional, from which we could sketch Innisfallen Castle, Sugarloaf Bay and the entrance to Scott's Creek. Many students took fantastic photos of the area and were able to give a very detailed account of their experience upon their return. 


Upon our return we also explored the techniques of impressionist painters. We attempted to capture the light and colours of the natural surrounds from the lookout at Explosives Reserve by utilizing the techniques of the impressionists. Although it was tricky to resist the temptation to blend colours and smooth out our brush stokes, many students developed wonderful short, sharp stokes that reflected an 'impression' of Sugarloaf Bay. 

MushroomsThe walk An Impressionistic View of Scott's Creek