RSL Writing Competition 2016

Australia My Country

By Savanah Manners



Two men dressed in black walked through our doorway and to my dad, they took him back through the door and disappeared into the cold, dark night. Where are they taking him…?



September 1st 1939

"Good morning" mum yelled when she heard the floorboards creak. I melted back into my bed when I thought about school and it not being the weekend anymore, it was Monday, I hate Mondays! Finally I dragged myself out of bed, and was surprised not to hear the constant chatting between mum and dad downstairs. I was assuming he was at work he has to leave at 6. So just to make sure I went downstairs, still nothing, as I went down I could smell smoke from the burning toast mum made for breakfast still no dad. So I asked mum "Dad is at work right"  "yeah, sure, definitely" she replied. I took her answer and dragged my overloaded school bag out the rusty doorway. On the way people in my area were acting weird instead of my usual "Hello" as I walked past I got sad and scared faces "What's wrong" I thought, I know I didn't use hair gel today but I didn't think it was that bad.


 I continued, it started to rain but walking is the only way to get to school. My mum doesn't have car and my dad has a faulty one. As I arrive, just to make sure dad is at work I went and used the school phone. No answer he must be doing something serious at work. I still have 30 minutes until school starts and his work is round the corner so I'll be quick. I unload my school bag and sprinted with all the energy I had from the burnt toast. I got to his office, it was small but had a lot of rooms I went to my dad's


and saw nothing except for something strange. I silently walked over to his desk it was empty and everything had been cleared off, what does this all mean?


Empty desk, mum acting weird, sad and scared neighbours "WHERE IS MY DAD" BANG!!! The door was hit open by another worker he must of heard me. I stepped back as he came forward "where is my dad" I said tears burning in the corner of my eye. The small worker let out a long sigh and walked the desk chair he sat down and looked at his newly polished shoes "Well" I asked with determination "He has gone to War" the man finally answered still looking at his feet. At that point I let my tears stream down. The worker stood up "sorry kiddo". He said walking out then I looked at the clock in his room, I'm late for school I whimpered trying to regain myself I slumped out of the building and back to school, not looking up once. When I got there everyone was in class and my ripped school bag in the middle of the playground I went to the bathroom to try and calm down. As I was walking past I walked right into Mrs Andrews my homeroom teacher. She looked teary "what's wrong" I asked "My brother went to war" she replied why are you so down she asked me "my dad went to war". "Oh" she answered well if your ever upset you can come to me she exclaimed. You better get to class "ok'' I said back still sad but feeling better I had her.


Months went past every day the boy went to see Mrs Andrews she would always tell him to be positive and hope his dad will be ok and one miserable day the boy got home from school and…


"I'm back mum" I shouted so she would hear, "Great I have something for you" she said back at that point I raced down the stairs and to my mum. She was holding a dirty letter this has been sitting outside all day and I'm giving you the pleasure to open it.


I ripped the letter out of her hand and tore it open, it was from dad.


Dear Jack and Mary,

As you know I have left to go to war I am so sorry I didn't say goodbye I have been doing what's right and fighting for the country, I miss you so much and know you do to, going well see you soon son. I miss playing soccer with you in the garden and seeing your glowing face when I get back from work I know you were not expecting it, but you know I always want to help. I sit in the deep terrain trenches praying it will end running out and getting shot. Mary I miss you to but let's not focus on the negatives stay positive for me it will do you good.


Sincerely your loving father


Wow, a letter from dad that's great that he is still here with us and I hope he comes back soon. But like he said he is doing the right thing I'll stay positive from him just like Mrs Andrews said.


Jack stayed positive just like his father had said and was still going to see Mrs Andrews he was getting constant letters from his father until one day the letters stopped…


KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Mum there's someone at the door please tell me it's another letter from dad. "It's a letter but not from dad, it says to meet in the town square" ok let's go.




As we arrived in the town square we instantly saw Mrs Andrews going through the golden gateway immediaty I thought and I knew why we were here. We then met up with Mrs Andrews and "EVERYONE WE NOW WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME OUR RIGHTFUL SOILDERS" the man said with the megaphone. People rushed up to the man like a herd of cattle then came to a halt when they started letting people through. At first when they came though I was excited but then I became nervous 1. Because it had been 6 years and when he left, I was 12, now I'm 18. 2. What if he is not with us anymore? Everyone that came back from war was out and there was no dad and no Robert Andrews. We slowly walked out of the golden gates. Then we heard something behind us IT WAS DAD!!!! We ran up to him and cuddled and had happy tears he was in a wheel chair but thank goodness we have our loving father back. Then in the corner of my eye I saw Mrs Andrews leaving with no Robert Andrews. My heart broke for her Robert was all she had her parents died a year ago and she kept telling me, my dad would be ok. But now just like the six years that went past she is on her own…



World War 2 stared in September 1st 1939 and went to September 2nd 1945. It was six years squashed in the terrain trenches. The Germans Invaded Poland and that was their sign of the beginning of World War 2. Poor soldiers writing to their family with a chance that they will never see them again.


Australia My Country by Savanah Manners


Savanah receiving her award from Mr O'Dea from Forestville RSL

Savanah receiving her award.