Welcome to 1 'Awesome' A

We are a class of 24 students, 12 girls and 12 boys and our families come from many different countries.

On an interesting note, we have four students whose names all begin with the letter 'Z'!

These are some of things we have done this year. 

In Term 1 we went to see Leigh Hobb's play, 'Horrible Harriet'. Later we enjoyed making hot air balloons, complete with Harriet and Athol Egghead 'hanging out', in colourful 'paper cup' baskets!


H.H and Athol Egghead in Hot Air Balloons

Our Easter Hat parade was held under grey skies but luckily the rain held off. Everyone enjoyed showing off their colourful hats while parading around in a big circle, in the K-1 playground.

Our Easter Hats

Also in Term 1, we had a Science incursion with the 'Fizzics' show. It involved 'hands on' activities that complemented our 'Push and Pull' Science unit of work with Mrs Clarry.

The 'Life Education' van recently visited our school. We learnt about how to keep ourselves happy, healthy and safe. Our class met up again with 'Healthy Harold' and two students got to pat Harold's long, soft, (giraffe) neck.

First thing on a Monday morning (in Term 2 & 3), everyone in our class enjoys going along to have fun at the 'Moving Bodies' sessions on Dance, Athletics and Gymnastics.

Most of our students are currently part of 'Junior Earth Kids' and their job is to look after our five worm farms. Recently some students saw a little mouse inside one of the worm farms! It was having a nibble on some fruit scraps. It gave them a big fright and they probably gave the mouse a fright too!!!

Year 1 Junior Earth Kids look after 5 worm farms


'Bushlink' is another Environmental initiative we enjoy. Many students have worked hard to clear away 'weedy' areas in our school grounds.



Bushlink Gardeners




 More 'Bushlink' workers


All of Year 1 are excited about going to the 'Field of Mars' Environmental Education Centre in Week 10. We will be learning more about our Geography Unit of Work on 'Features of Places'. Everyone is looking forward to going on a bushwalk and discovering 'what's out there in the bush'. Fingers crossed for fine weather!

Currently we have some Science experiment 'Terrariums' on our classroom desks. We are observing how the tiny, 'seedling' plants are growing a bit taller each day.

Science Experiment 'Terrariums'


We like learning and being busy in our lovely, spacious classroom. Sometimes we even get to have 'Golden Time' :) Playing with our friends out in the playground is also a lot of fun!

         Belle's Beautiful Crayon Resist LeafBack of Baxter's Autumn LeafAutumn Leaves

Autumn Tree



Zara's Grassland ArtworkEvan's GrasslandAlexandra's Desert Scene



  Elmer the Elephant    Here are your Spelling Books :)



Thank you for visiting our class page :)