Homework for Year 2 includes 3 components:
  •  Home reading 
  •  Monthly enrichment projects
  • Mathletics
While all homework is non-compulsory, we strongly recommend that students in Year 2 
complete 10 minutes of home reading each day using their levelled home reader.  Each 
student will be given a reading log where they can fill in their daily reading. This should be 
returned to school when it has been completed.
In addition to daily home reading, students may choose to complete one or more monthly 
enrichment projects. These will be issued twice a term and can be handed in at any time. 
The aim of this program is to provide a real world context for the work we do in class, 
allowing students to develop a deeper knowledge of the subject matter, to pursue areas of 
interest and to develop further skills. This is an enrichment program and no student will be 
disadvantaged by not participating.  
The projects are designed to be enjoyable rather than onerous, and vary in difficulty and 
complexity. Parents are encouraged to help their children choose projects that are both 
enjoyable and achievable. Parents may also need to assist their children develop 
organisational strategies, such as breaking the project into smaller tasks which can be 
completed over a series of days.
The final homework component is Mathletics. Just like the projects, this is a non-compulsory 
activity but it does provide valuable revision, drill and practice of basic maths concepts.  All 
students have a Mathletics account and their user name and password is available from the 
class teacher.
All homework will be uploaded to the school website along with some support materials. PDF 
copies of the homework can be downloaded for children who misplace their homework