Term 1 Homework

Homework for Term 1 Weeks 5-8 can be downloaded here:

Reading Log Weeks 5-8 (pdf 197 KB)  (due March 22)

Enrichment projects Weeks 5-8  (pdf 101 KB)

Some Useful Websites and Resources:

Manly Local History 

Manly Local Studies Image Library


Maths resources:


Ancient Egyptian numbers

Roman numerals

Babylonian numbers


Venn Diagrams

Here is an example of a Venn diagram:

A Venn Diagram is used to compare and contrast.

A Venn diagram is used to compare and contrast. Things that are different are placed in the outer circles. Things that are the same are placed in the area where the two circles meet.


Research about sea creatures

National Geographic Kids

Animal database for kids


Hip Hop Dancing

There are plenty of videos on youtube which teach children how to dance hip hop. Here is one simple example.