3E Homework



Homework Information

Homework in 3E is presented in a similar format to the homework that your child received in Year 2.

All homework is optional.  

The homework will consist of 3 components:

• Home Reading- strongly recommended

• Mathletics

• Enrichment projects 

These activities are designed to build upon work we are already doing in class, but they are completely optional. Families may decide whether or not to participate in these activities. There are no penalties or educational disadvantage for students who do not participate. 

Home Reading is recommended as there is so much evidence it will make a significant impact on your child's ability to read. Home reading should be practised every day and the reading log brought to school for checking each Friday. Students have the option to use Reading Rewards to log their reading.



Homework will be provided on this website for students to download if they misplace their sheet. 

Here is the homework for 3E - Term 1 Weeks 5-8 (pdf 135 KB).


Support Resources

Support resources will be added regularly to assist your child in completing tasks.


British Colonisation of Australia

Search images on the National Library of Australia website

Explore images of 1788 on My Place website


Venn Diagrams

Read an explanation here

Download a template here 



Interactive persuasion map (with downloadable template)

Templates and hints


Reading Rewardswww.reading-rewards.com

Information for parents- Reading Rewards (pdf 2 KB)