Welcome to 3G's webpage!

The document below will tell you all about the basics of life in Year 3 and 3G in particular. Topics include;

  • 3G timetable
  • outline of curriculum areas 
  • Homework expectations
  • Details particular to 3G eg classroom management procedures. 


Term 1 - Newsletter (pdf 127 KB)


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Term 2


3G created a portrait of a person who was important to them. Considering aspects such as use of colour, techniques used and emotions created the class voted to select 10 portraits to be displayed in the foyer of our school office. 

Portraits displayed in the office.


More of our portraits. More portraits.



Day and Night work

In term 2 year 3 were studying the concepts of day and night and our place in space in Science. To integrate with this topic we read folk stories about day and night and created a sun and moon themed piece of art. 


Maui and the SunWhen Night Came




Sun and Moon art









Term 1 Art 

Go Away Big Green Monster

We read the book 'Go Away Big Green Monster' by Ed Emberley and took the illustrations in the book for inspiration to create our own Big Monsters. 

paper collage monster faces



Tiger Tiger

After viewing Rosalie Gasgoine's artwork 'Tiger Tiger 1987' 3G used old magazines to create their own themed collages. These included pieces with themes such as; faces, body parts, colours, coffee (!), technology, pattern. Students then chose the background colour that they felt best enhanced their piece. 

square paper collage pieces



First Fleet Ship Drawing Tutorial

Carefully working through Adventure's Adventurefirstfleet drawing tutorial students were able to sketch a representation of a First Fleet ship. Students were impressed by their ability to create a detailed piece and to work through the challenges posed by the new skills they were acquiring. They were surprised by what they were able to achieve! 

Tall ships