Class 4S have been studying and reading "Ghost Boy" written by Felicity Pulman and

"The Lost Thing" written and illustrated by Shaun Tan.


Covers of two books.

The Students are engrossed in the story of 'Ghost Boy' and are wondering  what will become of Froggy in the story and if Tad will find his dad on the Faraway? This story tells us about the Quarantine Station in 1881, when Sydney was in the grip of a smallpox outbreak. The story lends itself excellently to our History and Geography units.


'The Lost Thing' is a very visual experience and addresses many aspects of the English Syllabus.The class have used questioning strategies, to recap information from previous pages of the text. They have made connections and recorded information by using a code. The students have summarised and compared and contrasted sections of the text. Students have discussed the differences between literal and inferred meanings. They have also learnt some grammar from this text,  like prefixes and suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, pronouns and connectives. We will be continuing to use this wonderful book at the beginning of next term.