Senior H artwork

       Happy Chinese New Year!                                

                      2013 is the Year of the Snake

      cny     cny    

In our Term 1 Visual Arts unit students looked at portrait painting and discussed how artists choose to express their subjects in many different ways.  They looked at a wide range of portrait painting - traditional portraits of royalty and the nobility (which pre-dated photography), some well-known portraits (including da Vinci's Mona Lisa), examples of cubism (Picasso), pop art (Warhol), surrealism (Dali) and modernism (Francis Bacon). They also looked at past winners of the Archibald Prize.  This year's Archibald portrait prize winner was Del Kathryn Barton for her painting of actor, Hugo Weaving.

 Archibald Prize 2013


NAIDOC Week - 7-14 July 2013


NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. NAIDOC is a    celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields. Senior H students designed posters and artwork based on the unique style of the Tiwi Islands people. Students' designs will feature on our Castle Cove 2014 calendars, which will be available later in the year. 


 NAIDOC Week artwork

Mosaics - Term 3

Senior H students enjoyed learning about early examples of mosaics before designing their own tiled artworks. They explored mosaics from the Aztec and Roman Empires as well as the renowned Spanish sculptor, Antoni Gaudi.

                               mosaics all                

            Designs were first planned on paper before gluing tiles onto boards, then grouting. 

        mosaic        sammy         mosaic



                                                 It took a lot of work but we did it!

     Mosaic     mosaic